RepRep - Code

The vast majority of the code I've written belongs to my employers, past and present. Here some of the code that I can actually share.

Python3 Password Vault
A utility for managing an encrypted credential vault. This hobby project was written because I finally had some time to explore Python3.
Overhead of Go's Sort
I decided to analyze the performance penalty of Go's interface{} based Sort interface. Short answer: about 2x. The repo title is intentionally provocative.
Algorithms in Rust
I enjoy implementing algorithms and this is just a random collection of them in Rust. The focus is on implementation clarity, so it's not idiomatic Rust by any means. It includes a neat, simpler variant of Heap's Permutations that I'm a little proud of even though it falls directly out of the original inductive proof.
Golang client library for AWS Kinesis
I wrote this right after the Kinesis MultiLangDaemon was released. The official Python code was used to reverse engineer the connector protocol, which had no official documentation at the time. This is one of the first pieces of Go code that I wrote, so it's not particularly idiomatic.
Redshift Timezone Conversions
Forum thread Code
When Redshift was first released, it did not support timezone conversions. This was a neat little hack using a sliding window and the bisection method to characterize UTC offsets for a timezone. It then spit out an appropriate SQL case statement to do the conversion.
C++ bloom filter using CityHash
I wrote this after digging in to the details of how bloom filters work and can be implemented. It combines a double-hashing from an academic paper with Google's CityHash.
C++ frontend to JPL DE405 ephemeris
Ancient, ancient code. Originally wrote this to help calculate the moon's position relative to the earth at any given time. Never ended up using it for anything, but it was still a fun exercise in learning about various astronomical coordinate systems.