Writings - Investing in Rocket Lab

Niek Sanders, April 2021

I invested in the Vector Acquisitions SPAC after the announced deal with Rocket Lab. The cash I put in represents "real money" for me, but would not materially impact my net worth if Rocket Lab goes bankrupt.

In the near term, a coming supply glut makes me pessimistic about the launch industry. But on a 10 to 20 year time frame, I am optimistic about both the industry and Rocket Lab finding a lucrative place in it.

Below I listed perceived pros and cons for my investment choice. I characterize the investment as high risk, with a nontrivial chance of the value going to zero. Also, you would be unwise to take investment advice from random people on the internet.

Vector Acquisition trades under the ticker VACQ. Once the deal completes this will be changed to RKLB.



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